The general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate and attitudes of an era.

A Society or association formed by people with a common interest or purpose.

The era of the wine snob is over.

It requires nerve to break with traditions without sacrificing quality. Great wine is just too good to be kept locked away from the world, it’s time for wine to be propelled into the 21st Century, ready to be enjoyed, wherever and whenever. We believe wine is too exciting to be quaffed just by wine critics. The only critic who matters to us is you, THE DRINKER. That’s why we’re grabbing the industry by its pinstripe lapels and waving goodbye to wine snobbery one stylish can at a time.

Pressing Matters

Honouring the things you love needn’t mean clinging to the past.

We came together as a group of friends within the trade; drinkers, winemakers and designers, with a desire to bring something better to the wine world. We sat in our local Indian eating poppadoms wondering “Why can’t you get a really good single serve of wine?” It was time to shake things up.

We imagined a world where wine was no longer bound by its history, and not always in the shadows of craft beers, and trendy spirits. The time is right to bring wine bang up to date. Now is the Zeitgeist moment for wine in cans.

And here we are, ready to give the industry a shot in the arm. Or perhaps more accurately, discover great wine in new way.

Don’t Bottle it

We can, so you can too.

Single servings of wine in flimsy plastic bottles have never been a good look for anyone, but our beautifully designed cans are as decadent as their contents. There are too many places that glass can’t go, and too many places plastic should not end up.

Our cans are portable, recyclable, sustainable and oh so very holdable.

Drink It In

This is not an exercise in style over substance. We are serious about our wine and we value taste above all else. It has taken 2 years to find the very best, and most exciting wine to put in our can. Meet Grüner Veltliner, Central Europe’s sexiest grape!

One of the first stopping points on our journey was the acclaimed Kamptal wine region, northwest of Vienna, where the steep terraces overlooking the river Kamp are bathed in Austrian sunshine.

We knew we wanted to work with talented winemakers to offer wines in small batches of the highest quality, and in Austria we were lucky to find a winemaker  and the grape Grüner Veltliner that is just made for drinking young and fresh.

And we continue to search for the most drinkable wines from the most distinguished vineyards.

Out Of The Cellar

Imagine being able to take your favourite wine anywhere without having to lug a lead weight around in your bag. Goodbye glasses and corkscrews.

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy one glass without having the rest of the bottle looming over you?

No Sour grapes

Like our grapes, the moment is ripe for something radically different. There’s a thirst for innovation and expressiveness, for a product that was born from real passion.

We’re not trying to set a trend or launch a movement. We’re not hipsters in denial about turning into our parents. We love great wine and we are passionate about how it’s crafted, how it looks and more importantly how it tastes.

And we reckon our wines speak pretty well for themselves.

enough yakking. Where can I buy it?

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